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Knit to Fit Dog Sweater


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Have you found dog sweaters just do not fit your furbaby? Maybe he wets it a little or trips over the chest? Maybe your furbaby is a little longer or shorter than the average sweater size. In this class you will knit a sweater from your dog's measurements in any yarn of your choosing. You will need to make a gauge, in the pattern of your choosing, so it will fit. We have lots to choose from.

You will also need are actual measurements from your dog:
a. around the neck (just collar-level, or midway up the neck, is good).
b. around the biggest part of the chest.
c. across the side of the upper front leg, at its widest point (just at or below shoulder/underarm area is good). Alternately, you can measure the leg's circumference, instead of its width, and use half the circumference as the 'width' for measurement
d. along the back of the front leg, from the underarm to the elbow. Or you could measure from the center back (the dog's spine) down the dog's leg to the elbow. The corresponding measurement on the sweater, when measuring for length of the sleeve, will be from its center back to the bottom edge of the sleeve.
e. down the front, from where you measured the neck to the underarm of the front leg.
f. along the front & underside, from where you measured on the neck to the end of sternum/rib cage.
g. along the neck & back, from where you took the neck measurement to the base of the tail. This measurement will most accurate if taken with the dog in sit position.

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